Actress, Noxolo Maqashula has been confirmed dead by Dispatch Live and her family members! According to the Eastern Cape publication, the actress died alone in her Honeydew home in Johannesburg and was discovered by a delivery man on Friday.
A family friend Senyukele Zibobo, told the media that the actress’s body was found at her Honeydew home in Johannesburg on Friday.
Zibobo stated: “I received a call from her brother informing me of her death. Someone went to drop off something at her place and realised there was something strange.”
Forensics were contacted right away to get more clarity of her death: “The forensic personnel told them that they suspected she had been dead for almost a week.”
How they discovered her body: “Something was being delivered to her and the delivery person suspected something wasn’t okay. They had to find a way in and they found her dead. When forensics got there and checked, they said it looked like she had been dead for a week.”


Zibobo confirmed that a family meeting would be held today to discuss funeral arrangements…a way forward!

The actress will be remembered for her role of View on Tsha Tsha season one to three. She also played the role of Mandisa in Intersexions, Zothile Gumpe on Rhythm City, Doctor Williams on Binnerlanders, and was as a guest star on Generations, and starred in Gauteng Maboneng season one and two as Pearl

It is unknown at this stage what caused her death as the actress apparently lived alone.

There were reactions from her fans and local celebrities who paid tribute to the actress:

It’s tough for South Africans this month, we have lost so much #RIPKingZwelithini #RIPMenziNgubane #NoxoloMaqashalala

I was drawn to your heart more than anything. Rest in peace Noxie. Love you forever. #NoxoloMaqashalala #RIPNoxoloMaqashalala #RipNoxeeMaqashalala

Hearing about Menzi & noxolo at the same time broke me #RIPMenziNgubane #NoxoloMaqashalalanoxolomaqashalala she died alone ,only to be found by some delivery person after a week, this means no1 checked on her 4that long, wow guys, this is just too sad, must have been awful. This is just too painful.

Maqashalala was born in KwaBhaca and was 44 years old at the time of her death.


This is so sad
Dying and being found after a week
Ke ipotsa na o na sena batho ba a reng ke metswalle and family
How did they not check up on her for the whole week
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