South African role player tv presenter and DJ creator Khanya Mkangisa well known for her roles within the common serials Isidingo, shattered to come out and celebrates her birthday nowadays. As Khanya Mkangisa, UN agency is additionally a tv presenter and DJ creator, turns 33 and here’s a round-up of however she created news the past year.

Khanya Mkangisa’s tasteful photography

On vacation, Khanya Mkangisa, visited the Chapman’s Peak Scenic Route, from wherever she served many breathless shots of the scenery from the highest of Chapman’s peak, on Instagram.

Furthermore, most of her followers went gaga of her photos from her recent trip to Dubai. Surely the sun, sand and beach love her the same way she also loves them.

When Khanya Mkangisa went too specific on Twitter!

Eyebrows were raised in a currently deleted tweet showing that Isidingo star Khanya Mkangisa went very specific on her Twitter page with no warning.

The tweet that got some followers wondering and nonetheless others desire.

However, Khanya saw it to be not much of a deal and she removed it. Though the initial tweet can not be accessed. Here’s a response to it:

When Khanya Mkangisa and J Molley skint up

Isidingo star Khanya Mkangisa and her lover J Molley known as it equal on the link or as J Molley calls it a ‘fling.’

Molley UN agency is younger than Khanya by 10 years and this has currently affected somebody else and already things look serious. He denote photos of her and what appears like a tattoo of his initials.

When Khanya Mkangisa found her relationship with J Molley, she was attacked by followers UN agency thought their 10-year age gap was an excessive amount.

Well, Khanya Mkangisa, responded to her trolls and said: “F*** you, f*** all of you”..showing them the centre finger.

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