Many happy returns

South African actress, businesswoman, and television personality who played Jasmine Hadley in the BBC drama series Noughts and Crosses, Bonnie Mbuli, turns 42 today.

In 1992 when she was 13 years old, she was given a chance discovery by an actor’s agent, who cast her in her first television role in the series Viva Families, right now we see the young Bonnie Mbuli rise up to a star in her own right.

Bonnie Mbuli’s production debut

Recently, noughts and Crosses actress Bonnie Mbuli went on her Instagram and Twitter to announce that she is happy about a new project in which she not only acts, but is also debuting as a Producer. It’s called Family time.

An excited Bonnie Mbuli captioned the post:

“A journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one step”…i’m feeling so emotional and excited, we made a special something something!!! My producing debut which i also act in , it’s called “Family Time”

When Pearl Thusi spoke about Bonnie Mbuli on Podcast and Chill.

Pearl Thusi, outspoken television actress spoke on an episode of Podcast and Chill with Mac G about her problems with Bonnie Mbuli.

She had to say this expressing her disappointment at Bonnie Mbuli:

“Bonnie had a good time with me. I was like girl, you have my number. This is so disappointing like what did I do? All I did was defend my work. You can’t say all I have is because of something I can’t change and expect me to accept that. That’s rude so I’m going to defend my work. I’ve worked too hard.”

Bonnie Mbuli highlights racism in the entertainment industry

Veteran actress Bonnie Mbuli opened up about the attempts to silence her activism. Recently she spoke up about a time when she was requested to be in a meeting by a producer that told her that she needs “to be less heavy and political, be happy and frivolous.”

Instead of following the advice of the producer, the firebrand that Bonnie is, she stuck to her guns inorder to secure the gig.

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