Tea continue to be served by the Real Housewives of Durban and Mzansi can’t stop sipping. Conco, being affiliated with the Zuma family can not completely shake off the relationship. No matter how much she puts in it, people continue to mention Zuma’s name under the same breath as hers.

In the last episode of the show, during a truth or dare session, Conco receives a bombshell of a question. She was presented with a choice between Duduzane and his father but she immediately cancels out her ex’s son to which masses call her a liar. Replying to the question, she says, “Because I’m so sure. I get so many stops and DMs. I think I’m just that woman with a certain preference. Not at all, definitely no.”

Tweeps began to weigh in on the matter as Twitter is a platform where a lot of people are candid.

“If you met Duduzane first, would you have dated him first? I think LaConco isn’t being truthful with her answer. But shame I agree with Sorisha, I wish her a present and young partner to have fun with and actually spend time with #RHODurban”

“But had she said yes, she would have been spicy. She’s right to deny it(which I believe) Duduzane and Laconco A NO!”

Being Zuma‘s ex fiancee, the former first family in a bid to keep their right to privacy, encouraged Conco to stoo tarnishing their name in public. The family did not want any drama. Enough is enough. But we warn her not to bring the Zuma name into disrepute or else she will regret (it). We are really tired now as a family of people who tarnish our name and get away with it. But I’m not in any way saying she will do that,” they say.

Conco might be doing just that or she actually doesnt find Duduzane attractive for her. However, she is not the first to refuse the opportunity. At one point, Buhle Samuels was forced to reveal if she would ever allow Duduzane woo her. It shocked everyone since she reacted the same way as Conco

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