The union between Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung has attracked so much attention from South Africans for many various reasons. While some people are interested in knowing more about this couple and their relationship because they are of the LGBT side of things, others are concerned because of the massive age difference between the two love birds.

For so long, Somizi and Mohale’s relationship has been in the news. The couple has been through a lot of controversies, but that should not have surprised them. When a man gets married to a much older woman, tongues rise, talk more when this happens between people of the same s_x in Africa. Somizi and Mohale have remained strong amidst all of these rumors, criticisms, and challenges and do not seem to be breaking up any time soon – regardless of the rumors.

Somizi Mhlongo was born on 23rd December 1972 and is 48 years old. He is an actor, choreographer, radio presenter, and brand ambassador of so many brands. He was born into the home of Mary Twala and Walter Mhlongo, who were both entertainers. Concerning sexual orientation, Somizi has not always been open; at first he was even in a relationship with a woman with whom he had a daughter with, while o the other hand, Mohale Motaung had always been clear and open with his s_xuality.

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