Most celebs would not argue that they receive their fair share of social media violence online, from misogynistic comments to sexism and tribalism remarks all common in the boring commentary section of social media especially Twitter where ghost accounts are almost supported. It’s always simple to say something absurd when a person hides behind a keyboard and ghost account.

But Makhadzi is more vulnerable to this kind of abuse, from her appearance to her dating history and even her dressing. The artist is fully aware of the bullies and their deep haterade, at some point she even addressed the hater’s comments telling them that they will not drag her down to their level.

A comment was left by one such ghost account saying that the whole province is failing to tell Makhadzi to dress nicely. With a pig meme which is synonymous with the saying “Lipstick on a pig”. Her fans immediately ran to her defense telling the haters that Makhadzi wears whatever Makhadzi wants. In a post where Makhadzi was posing with Big Zulu, yet another victim of the so-called fashion police. One user left a comment saying that it’s time they remind Big Zulu that it’s called Limpopo, not Lopompo.

@Mpho_makhuvha: Makhadzi can wear whatever she wants… Too bad she doesn’t meet your expectations

@Prince: Keep your nonsense to yourself. Do you want her to wear like your mother? Sis

@TXavi: You must not allow that Zulu guy to call our province “lopompo”

@patricia: I think all clothes the she wears are her choice.

Most people are echoing that these kind of remarks come from people who are tribalism since they mostly target her and her background. Yet some say that all celebs face the vile crap from the public regardless of where they come from. Now it’s your turn, what do you think is the reason why Makhadzi seems to be a victim of these vile attacks?

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