We can all recall that when Israella Israella Bushiri was 5 years old, her father (Major1) gifted her with Maserati on her birthday.

A reason is not given for things that happen in life, just like Major1, he didn’t know why he gave her that gift. Today she has tested but she got a chance to see a gift or to own something that, even 3 quarter of adults in the world has never owned. According to me, she lived her life to the fullest.

A full life, does not come with just many years of living but whats important is what was achieved in the time one lived. Its pointless to live a long wasted life, live long and die poor. You hear people saying, he had nothing but at least he has lived.

Many strongly believe that Israella’s assignment was done, she managed to live her life and she has run her race.

Rest in peace Angel. Condolences Prophet Bushiri and family.

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