Just yesterday after announcing that she is in hospital, the star left everyone in a sombre mood.

Congratulations to Natasha Thahane as she has become latest lady in town who owns property and it’s massive. The actress who got discharged from hospital today after suffering from depression got everyone celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.

The Blood And Water actress revealed that she fell ill due to her working conditions. According to her, she works in a toxic environment which has impact on her mental and physical health. She then sought emergency medical help and unfortunately for her, she was admitted in hospital.

Her fans were dazzled earlier today with good news stating that she was discharged and her whole family came down to Joburg just to support her through her illness. Then a few hours later, boom, moghel reveals that she bought a house.

Her fans had added joy on top and we could notice how her family were happy, as her great-grandmother, her grandmother and mother were there to share the good news. Sharing the news Natasha wrote: “I’m officially a Home Owner. God is Faithful. Despite the evolving and unstable seasons that life brings, we are called to trust Him. He is a consistent provider & comforter. Thank You All for always supporting me. Makwande na’kuni. Camagu Mam’ Jwarha, Mtika, Mazaleni, Dolo limdaka, Butsolo bentonga, Jotela. Bantw’abahle noba bapheth’ izikhal.”

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