It very sad what happened to Shepard Bushiri and his wife Mary Bushiri. No parents deserve to bury their children at that young age. The couple has been facing a lot ever since they were arrested for Money laundering and corruption. Bushiri and his wife broke the bail conditions when they left the country. Ever since they arrived in Malawi nothing has been well for them.

Their child Israella fell sick and they took her to Nairobi in Kenya for medical attention. The first time when she was taken to hospital by her grandmother Israella was prevented from leaving the country but was later allowed to go. The sweet young lady who was only 8 years old lost her life in Kenya after succmbing to lung infection. Her father announced her passing on Monday.

Her mother, Mary Bushiri has been very silent about this death, only her father Prophet Bushiri who was talking about his daughter’s death. Yesterday as Israella was laid to rest her mother Mary Bushiri could not help but say something as she expressed how she feels about her daughter’s death.

Many followers were left in tears with Mary’s message Facebook.

This is the most painful thing, May God grant them strength during this difficult time.

May the little Princess Rest In Peace. Till we meet again after rapture.

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