As most of us now know, Khanyi Mbau has found love in the arms of the alleged most wanted fugitive from Zimbabwe. It’s also noted that she doesn’t waste her time with broke guys so he’s obviously rich. Everyone is happy for her as he spoils her rotten but unfortunately there’s only one problem. She has chosen to advise South African ladies to go after Zimbabwean men.

From how she expressed it when explaining the kind of man she wants, its clear that money makes her happy, so do Zimbabwean man make women happy? if thats the case, then all our ladies can quickly run to Hillbrow or maybe she forgot to say rich man?.

Khanyi took to her instagram to give ladies advise on dating Zimbabwean man.

“Guys it’s only fair for me to share the secret with you. Get yourself a Zimbabwean man, let me plug you Zimbabwe all the way, Shona girl… Shona is the flavour.”

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