Ukhozi FM presenter Selby “Selbyonce” Mkhize has cleared the air and set the record straight about his s.e.xuality.

This follows after many people thought he’s transgender.

Recently, he hosted the first part of the reunion of Moja Love’s Umndeni, where he wore a wig as he sometimes does, together with make-up and feminine clothes.

However, Selby said he is sure that he is gay. He told the publication he didn’t prepare to undergo a s.e.x-change operation.

“Many people asked me about the pictures I posted on Instagram and others believed I had an operation to become a woman.

“I once thought about transitioning but never made any decisions. At the moment I enjoy being gay and don’t see myself as a woman.”

Selby stated that he lost weight, which led him to seem like he’d developed breasts.

“When anyone gets fat and loses weight, they’ll look like this from excess skin. It doesn’t mean they’re using pills to grow breasts.

“Those who think I’m transitioning must rest assured I’ll continue to live my life my own way.”

Selby mentioned that he’s happy Mzansi has began to understand the LGBTQI+ community, even though some people still abuse them.

“The law must be tougher on those who abuse gays and lesbians. Everyone has the right to live the life they love without fear and abuse.”

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