Prophet Passion Java has been appointed Vice President of the AAG ( Affirmative Action Group) of Zimbabwe. The President is serial entrepreneur Mike Chimombe.

Formed in 1994, the Affirmative Action Group was formed out of frustration by the young black businessmen Peter Pamire and Phillip Chiyangwa after the IBDC’s failure to influence swift changes for the economic environment to favour indigenous black business people.

Unlike the IBDC, the AAG was radical in its approach and used more stridently nationalistic language.

It was to become very clear however that the AAG was more representing the interests of it’s leadership (Chiyangwa, Pamire, Kasukuwere) than a broader empowerment vision.

After the death of Pamire in June 1997 in a mysterious car accident, Kasukuwere was appointed vice president and a transport operator, Matson Hlalo was also made national vice president.

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