Zodwa waBantu is a South African dancer and reality TV star. She began by dancing for people at a pub. Zodwa is one person who doesn’t care what others think or say about her and thats the reason why she made a career out of something that she is judged for.

She famous for dating boys younger than her. She has made two of her relationships with these young boys very public. Zodwa did not mind what the public would say or think about her, or had to say about the relationships.

Recently, she moved from Durban to Johannesburg. She says she went to Durban with a goal, and now that she has accomplished the goal, it is time for her to come make money while staying in Johannesburg. Zodwa has a son that she is raising by herself. He is already in his teen years, and stays in boarding school. In an Instagram video, she asked him to share a bed with her, and he refused. He said he is used to sleeping alone just as he does at the boarding school. He also said that he has good dreams whenever he sleeps alone.

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