Mzansi has been in turmoil for the past week after the video of Lufuno being bullied by her school mates went viral. What was more confusing was that she was being bullied because she defended her self on social media, they made it seem it was wrong for her to say she is or were beautiful. Lufuno tried to block her bully and the bully felt Lufuno had no right to do that even though it was Lufuno’s facebook profile. Lufuno had every right to choose who should be a part of her social media pages.

This abuse led Lufuno to commit suicide and left a court case for her bully. The state argued that the accused, on the on going trial today, shouldn’t be given bail as she was not safe in her parent’s care. The 14 year old girl should remain in custody.

It is quite puzzling how the accused wasn’t the only one there, though she is the only one recorded assaulting Lufuno. In the video one of the girls not mentioned anywhere was having a verbal fight with Lufuno. When the accused was assaulting Lufuno, there were people laughing and chanting, but now only one faces the charges and her whole life has changed for the worst and will forever be known a bully that led someone to commit suicide.

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