Rihanna is a famous songwriter, actor, and actress who was born on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Rihanna is wealthy, famous and strong, but she keeps a humble demeanor. Sometime she went to Africa once and did things that other wealthy and famous people wouldn’t do.

Her trip to Africa was successful.

Rihanna shocked everyone, including her fans, when she went to Malawi, an African country, to help develop a hospital.

On her tour, she did various local activities that many people did not think she could do; see some pictures of her doing these activities below.


Rihanna is helping with sand jobs.

Rihanna also took a tour to the classrooms of some of the children and sat on the floor with them to educate them.


She also sat on the floor to watch the people and think about African culture.

This demonstrates Rihanna’s modest nature.

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