On Monday evening, Kelly Khumalo posted a clasp of herself on Instagram in which she denied being a gospel craftsman to her gospel fans.

The star didn’t mince her words when she explaine to the fans that she’s not frightened of them. In the clasp, the songstress said:

“If you think I’m scared of you, I’m not. Stop saying you’re Christians because you don’t know what you go to church for. ‘Our God, Our God’, Ghaaa! Sies! The very same God that you’re talking about is the one that blesses me on a daily basis because he knows exactly who I am I don’t try and put up a front. “I’m no gospel artist and I don’t wish to be. I’m perfect as I am. If you have a problem as a fan it is very simple, f**king unfollow. it is that simple”

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