South African singer and dancer, Moonchild Sanelly who is mostly known for her dressing style and her green hair, has three daughters. Information about her daughters is hard to access, especially the youngest, who are twins.

Moonchild’s eldest daughter, who is around the age of 10, is the one that we usually get to see on Moonchild’s reality show. She looks, and speaks exactly like her mother. What one could gather from seeing Moonchild’s daughter on the show, is that she is really is very humble and too smart for her age.

Moonchild invited the father of her firstborn daughter, on the latest episode of her reality show and she said it was all about her getting closure. During their drive, Moonchild pointed at a certain house and asked the boyfriend if he remembers the house.

She stated that she wasn’t sure if it’s a place where she had her 2nd or 3rd abortion. She mentioned that the place was dark with no lights, and she couldn’t even see anything. Moonchild opened up about her truth and didnt care if it people would judge her for that.

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