Traffic on social media was non stop the announcement was made that Lasizwe was asked by Mr Smeg to go out on a date and the first thing Lasizwe asked Mr Smeg was if he had money or not?

He further asked him to get 1234 Retweets first and then they had a deal. Before their date, Lasizwe posted the terms and conditions of their outing which are as follows:

Despite Lasizwe’s very high standards, Mr Smeg was up for the challenge. Dambuza, however, was skeptical about the fact that Mr Smeg is Xhosa. There’s o need to get into that – we all know how his last relationship ended. He even went as far as saying he wants to cleanse the spell he has with Xhosa men. “Does anyone know uGogo I can use to help me cleanse this spell of attracting Xhosa men?”

The big day had arrived and the Youtuber could not allow us to miss out on anything, so he served us with snaps and updates.

“It’s the voice and articulation for me. What a well spoken man,” said Las about Mr Smeg. It seems like everything went well on their date as he hinted that he’ll be bringing him home soon. “I can’t wait for my Smeg Kettle to meet it’s new friend,” he shared.

Today was really AMAZING! I enjoyed this date thoroughly. Shoutout to Twitter for making this happen!” Tweeted a content Lasizwe.

Cassper Nyovest, however, was not going to let this one go. He told the Fake It Till You Make It reality television star that he must not cry whilst regretting when everyone is meddling in his love life because he made it a public affair. He decided to ignore Cassper’s tweet and continued with his business as usual.

“Lea bona lare includa? Ha le fetsa go hurtana mo tlabe re blella gore “It’s none of our business.”

After his successful date, the media personality revealed that he is having trouble with whom to pick as most of his dates have been successful. “I’m now in trouble and told to pick between him and everyone else I have been going on dates with!” He tweeted

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