It’s a week now after the release of the song ZiG Mari by Ras Caleb and Sir Wicknell finally decides to award the dancehall chanter with a brand new Toyota Aqua.

He took it to his twitter congratulating Ras Caleb and he also states that a sum of 2 000 United States Dollars will be given to Hosiah Chipanga on his devotion to the ruling party.

He said _”What a wonderful song… Congratulations Ras Caleb your Toyota Aqua is ready for collection…Madzibaba Chipaga will also give you TWO thousand United States dollars…

This level of unmatched patriotism is impressive and can’t be ignored…Enjoy your AKWAYA my brother…Zve ZANU PF zvino dadisa EDELIVERS…EDWORKS… EDHUCHI…2030 ANENGE ARIPO…”_

Sir Wicknell continues to award the people of the party and it is believed that he’ll continue to do so. Kapfupi and Extra large on the other hand have written to him asking for favours and plainly displaying their loyalty to the Zanu PF movement

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