In a story that left the neighborhood of Ward 25, a community known for its tight bonds with traditional values. The news of a 70+ year old granny eloping with a 23-year-old man from neighboring Ward 26 sent shockwaves through the area.

The difference in age alone was enough to raise eyebrows, but coupled with the unexpected pregnancy of the old woman, it became the talk of the community. At the heart of the scandal was the Kadenge Clinic, where granny had been attending the routine ante-natal visits, much to the curiosity and gossip of the clinic staff and patients alike.

The sight of a grandmother-to-be, with her weathered face and gray hair, sitting alongside much younger expectant mothers, was a shock. Some spoke about forbidden love, while others speculated on financial motives, the couple remains true to each other adding to the mystery surrounding their union.

For the residents of Ward 25, the incident challenged their perceptions of love, age, and societal norms. But the granny seems to be OK with everything and so is the young father to be. She was quoted agreeing to everything and even spoke for the young boy saying _”Mukomana mushina, kana iye anoziva ndiri mushina wemushina. Zvaka kenerana”_. She spoke in slang language saying that the young boy is great at what he does and even he knows that I’m the best of the best, we’re compatible. Speculations about if the old woman wanted the pregnancy were brought to light when she agreed that she wanted the pregnancy by saying _”kana nhumbu taipiwa naMwari hapana zvekuzviita”_.

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