A fan posted a photo of Levels ,Xtra Large and Ti Gonz tagging Sir Wicknell on who deserved a car. Surprisingly the business man responded saying non of the above.

Many people have rallied behind Levels suggesting that he deserves something as he is very active and is the silent voice behind the success of DJ Fantan who has been immensely recognized.

On the other hand it has been over a week since the Maroja duo wrote a very long letter asking for assistance but we’re ignored. In a message they wrote :

Dear Sir Wicknell, vakuru vanoti mwana asingacheme anofira mumbereko, zvino ano Maroja ofira kuBoisky here nhai Mukuru. We were hoping chijana chedu chichasvikawo tinyerere uye kusada kuvhiringa chirongwa chenyu nekungoropodza patisina kubvunzwa asi taiva neruvimbo rukuru rwekuti mabasa edu anozivikanwa zvikuru. Asi regai titore mukana wekukuyeuchidzai nzira yatafamba kusvika parizvino neMusangano we ZANU PF.
1. Tisu takava vaimbi vechidiki vekutanga kuimba kumaGala, tikabvisa pfungwa muvechidiki kuti zvaive zvevanhu vakuru badzi since zvaive zveMusangano. Izvi zvakaita kuti paonekwe ruzhinji rwevechidiki vamirire kuona maGala aya kuti vaone vaimbi vemazera avo.
2. We became youths Ambassadors on these Galas to the extent of crossing the border to Mozambique where we performed in Chimoio, had the honor of being at the mass graves in Chimoio and got first hand knowledge on the ground of what the liberation struggle was really like, we came back with a different mindset.
3. From 2008 we were involved in making Campaign Jingles for ZANU PF and we made 3 jingles with the Theme Vhotai Murunyararo and Musarambe Kana ZANU PF Yodaidza.
4. We paved way for Urban Music and inspired the current generation of Musicians who are now making a living through music, during the introduction of our Urban Music we influenced the 75% local content on Radio Stations and TV with our content.
5. We performed at most of the ZANU PF Rallies from that time to date, had the honor to perform in front of the then Head of State and the current Head of State. The last recent rally being in Mazowe North Constituency last year with the theme ED Pfee 6Million + Votes.
6. In 2016 spearheaded the Anti Corruption Zero Tolerance-Wise Music Project which was headed by the then Vice President ED Mnangagwa and we did a song and video which is currently on YouTube titled Huwori Hwawondonga Nyika. Did a presentation in HICC before very respected Ministers.
7. We carry the name of the party in the streets of our hood and everywhere we go from the time we engaged with the party’s activities we listed, we feel and believe we have to be a good reflection of what we are associated with. We are still Maroja and still believe there is hope that this title can be changed.

While this long paragraph has been ignored there are still beliefs that Levels deserves something

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