The Ninja President, WinkyD The Bigman last night wowed the fans at this year’s edition of The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Shutdown held in Bulawayo. All went sideways when he performed a freestyle of his song “Rokesheni” and mentioned the prominent Businessman Sir Wicknell Chivhayo in his lines saying _”…usamboda kuvabvisa pachigaro, vanokupa mabhutsu hobho fanike Chivhayo…”_ and the critics were all over his case.

Conflict began when The Facebook Celebrity Thomas Chizhanje went on to say _”Zine Ropa Winky ataura Chivhayo pa freestyle Hapana kana Benzi ramuti apanduka. Asi ngazviitwe na Saintfloew vanomuswerera pano”_. This stirred conflict, drama and wordfight between Vigilance Family and the opposition, his fans defended him by claiming that in order to understand his music you need at least 5 O’levels and a Diploma.

One fan by the name Tinashe Dhlakama replied Mr Chizhanje by analysing the lyrics _” Usamboda kuvabvisa pachigaro (varakashi), vanokupa mabhutsu hobho (is you will be kicked) but he chose to use Chivhayo who used mari yemagetsi kutenga bhutsu hobho… That’s not an endorsement, rather a sarcastic diss of buying too many shoes. In terms of mentioning these guys, didn’t he mention Chiyangwa on his song 25..?”_.

This clearly means that the Gaffa was just doing wordplay in his lyrics as a lyricist trying to create a rhyme

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