Kwaito Star Sosha’s new Golf 7 stolen outside night club after showing off to thugs


Kwaito Star Sosha real name Sibonelo Ngcoboaka licks his wounds after he flashed his Golf 7 which was stolen at night whilst having fun at Cubana.


The kwaito artist almost had a heart attack when he was told that his car was stolen. This sad incident took place in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday evening.


Those who witnessed this incident who were in the area said Sosha heard the news and stormed out of the club and he thought the news were a prank but he was surprised to hear that it was real.


“His mistake was to come to the club already intoxicated. He was loud and unruly. I am sure the thugs noticed his state and took advantage off him. Another thing is that he kept on showing off his car keys to anyone who seemed to care,” said one source.


A partygoer who was inside the club assumed that the Kwaito artist attracted the thugs because he was showing off his car keys in the club and those who wanted to listen paid attention.


“I think he attracted the thugs by flashing his car keys to everyone. He was telling people how expensive his car was and how a beautiful ride it was,” said the eyewitness.


Witnesses who were there said that the Kwaito artist had hooked up with some random girl at the club, so they had to wait outside in the rain when the car was stolen, “The whole situation was sad and most people felt pity for the girls he was with but weren’t feeling sorry for him,” revealed another source.


Sosha refused the allergations of him flashing his car keys and confirmed that his car was stolen, “Yes my car was stolen, but I didn’t invite the thugs who took it. I have opened a case with the police,” he said.


The Kwaito artist said he was using his car for travels and hopes that the thugs will be arrested. The Kwaito Star confirmed that the stolen car was found the following dumped in the township called Mbali.


“To make matters worse the car belongs to my cousin, and they took his personal documents and other small things. We thank God for the tracker,” he said.

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