Despite it being wrong and unethical It comes as no surprise that many producers and leaders in the entertainment industry often demand sexual favours in return for roles and other open doors for young artists who are desperate to break into the industry.

Naledi Dineo Rabotapi who portrays Zoleka has spoken up about numerous encounters with producers who demand sex.

Miss Naledi Rabotapi made it clear what her thoughts are on sleeping with industry leaders to get ahead and make it in the entertainment business. “I’m not willing to go that far to get ahead. There’s a lot I want to achieve but on merit,” said the actress. Naledi also went on to highlight that the issue is actually a norm in the industry.

She went on to confirm that although she has encountered such individuals, she is not willing to go that far to get ahead but would rather get to the top on her own effort. It comes as no surprise that these offers are common in the industry.

Naledi Rabotapi played Zoleka on the Mzansi Magic show that was canceled last year, Isithembiso. With the ending of the show, her co-stars Zamani Mbatha who played Zamani, Londeka Mchunu who played Snegugu Magwaza, Nolo Seabi who played Palesa Motaung and Sandile Mahlangu have since found roles on some of Mzansi’s biggest shows.

On the contrary  Naledi Rabotapi hasn’t been on the small screen of late.However the actress has become a host of note for some of Mzansi’s most happening events.

Although it might not be as smooth sailing for the actress, she has  made it clear that shortcuts are not part of the package. Another popular face in the entertainment industry who has always spoken up about industry injustices including producers that demand sexual favours from young actors and actresses is Rami Chuene.

The public appreciates Isithembiso’s Zoleka and Rami Chuene for speaking out it encourages those without a voice to speak up…

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