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Bushiri falls asleep as his spiritual father Uebert Angel preaches

Being a natural man and human is a norm many charismatic preachers try to run away from .Many have went steps further to call themselves superman .

A video circulated recently where prophet Bushiri is sleeping in a church service of his daughter’s burial when his spiritual father Uebert Angel is preaching .This is a rare act from such a dignified personality as Uebert Angel always preaches that noone sleeps when he is preaching . Despite prophet Angel saying all good things about him ,Bushiri finds himself giving in to sleep , a similar scenario in the bible when Jesus asked his disciples to pray but they replied the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Apologist Ricky dived into the matter suggesting that the prophet has to face reality . Pretending that all is fine will create many more holes.

Prophet Bushiri claimed that he is celebrating the life of his daughter but this incident shows that deep down the man is in deep pain and needs to rest.

The apologist further emphasised that it is important to come to terms with the reality of things as a man of God and not try to overdo things inorder to be accepted as a man without emotions.

He concluded that it is normal for a man of God to mourn and to also rest because they are also human .

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